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Nihiwatu offers a rare sense of discovery, where ancient tribal culture and unspoiled natural beauty form a backdrop to a boundless experience of unregulated freedom, understated luxury and unforgettable memories.

From exhilarating experiences including access to privately surf one of the world’s best left-hand break waves, to world-class sport fishing and diving to the purest shores of our 2.5 kilometre private beach, sunset gazing or star-lit dining; each stay is expertly crafted through a personalized approach shaped by pleasure not design.

Stretching across 560 acres of unspoiled natural land including a two and half-kilometer private beach, this spectacular all-villa resort offers secluded privacy and the ultimate exclusivity.

The 32 villas of exceptional design are built on private terraces with large verandahs that sift through the trees with an impressive use of living space, imbued by natural materials to make the most of the dramatic views.

Guest facilities include the iconic Boathouse, Ombak restaurant, Nio Beach Club, Menara Bale, private dining pavilions and the Beach Spa.

Nihiwatu Fact Sheet  

32 VILLAS: villas with 28 king beds & 4 twin rooms. Either 1, 2, 3 or 5 bedroom configurations, most with private pools.
2.5 KILOMETRES is the length of the private beach on which Nihiwatu is located, within 560 hectares of unspoilt, natural reserve.
90 PERCENT of the work force at Nihiwatu is made up of local Sumbanese(total of 280 staff).
220 VOLTS is the power from our 24h generators.
The rooms have standard 2 round pins plug sockets, adaptors are available.

•3 meals daily, including snacks
•Non-alcoholic drinks in all outlets
•Minibar, WI-FI, In-room electronic safe
•6 pieces laundry per person, per day
•Air-conditioning, ceiling fans, hairdryer

•Butler service 
•Private in-villa dining
•Domestic flight arrangements
•Bali & Sumba airport transfers
•Babysitting services 
•Destination dining and off-site meals at extra charge
•Multilingual hotel staff
(German, Spanish, French, Portuguese spoken)

The Villas  

•Exclusive buy-out of the entire resort is possible with minimum booking of 7 nights of all villas. Total number of persons which can be accommodated is 80.
•Small, private open-aired meetings & incentives, are also feasible by secluding parts of the resort for private groups.

•6 residences of 1 bedroom villas, most with a private pool, outdoor
shower (no bathtub), 4 king bed, 2 twin bed.
•3 residences of 2 bedroom villas or 4 bedroom Estates if joined with 1 bedroom villas.

•4 residences of 1 1/2 bedrooms in duplex Sumba Houses.
•1 residence of 1 bedroom in duplex Sumba House

•2 residences of wave front 1 bedroom villas.

•2 residences of 1 bedroom and family villas.

•1, 2 or 3 bedroom villas.

•4 residences of 1 bedroom wave front villas, with cliff top Bales.

•One 3 bedroom villa.

•The resort’s largest estate, a 5 bedroom residence which can also be reserved as 2, 3, 4 or 6 bedroom configuration (with library turned into bedroom).
•19m lap pool, iced plunge pool and butler accommodation.

The Experience  

Surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, ocean and river standup paddle, free diving, spearfishing, deepsea and FAD fishing, ocean and river kayaking, horse surfing, boogey boards, wake-boarding, “Surfaris”.

Scenic excursion by hiking, mountain biking, horse riding or open-air Land Rover Safari. Daily Yoga and meditation classes available.

Local villages and markets to see the exquisite Ikat weavings,local arts & crafts or monumental megalithic burial sites.

A full range of spa treatments, including massage, manicure and pedicure, are available at the Boat House, Beach Spa or in-room. Daily complimentary Pilates and yoga are available at the Yoga Pavilion.

The “Spa Safari” experience at the neighbouring valley,offering breakfast, lunch and full day unlimited spa treatments in 4 cliff top bamboo “Bales” overlooking two private beach coves and cascading rice paddy fields.

Offered daily for children, depending on age and ability: painting and drawing supplies, beach toys, soccer, volleyball, snorkeling, boating,
fishing, visiting villages & schools, hiking to waterfalls. For younger children we have shallow swimming pool, board games and babysitting services.

The Restaurants  

All dining venues offer a la carte menus and seating is at individual tables. Special events, two times weekly, are served and seated in
family style tradition.

Exceptional private dining experiences and events including BBQ, Mexican, romantic dining and movie nights. For special occasions, themed nights are organized: Sumba White Nights Party, Jungle Party or full-moon parties.

The main sandy-floored restaurant and bar, serving daily a la carte breakfast and dinner with choice of Indonesian or International cuisine.


Beach-side pavilions are open for lunch daily, serving “catch of the day”, salads, BBQ and pizzas from our large clay oven.

The sunset meeting point. Snacks throughout the day are served along with fresh coconuts, juices or cocktails, all days with a la carte menu.


Boasting the tallest Sumbanese roof on the island, the resort’s living room and recreation area comes complete with a pool table, table tennis and dartboard as well as a library, adjoining a sandy-floored, open air movie theatre showing daily films and live TV broadasts.


The reef in front of Nihiwatu has a beautiful wall that extends past the channel and is full of colorful coral and marine life. The ideal snorkeling conditions are when the surf is small and preferably at low
tide when the current is not as strong and the visibility is better. When you would like to go snorkeling, please visit the boat house or inform the Waterman in advance so that we can prepare the zodiac and
snorkel gear. For safety’s sake we will also schedule a boathouse lifeguard to standby.

Stand Up Paddle-Boarding (SUP).
See the nuances of the reef beneath you as your blade slices through the water, propelling you
forward. Stand-up paddling is a fun and easy way to get a great full
-body workout. The high-tech, stable board is designed to accommodate a person in the standing or kneeling position, and is more ergonomically correct than surfing-prone. No experience is required.

Family Activities Beach Games.
Beach golf is available for those wanting to practice their bunker shots and can be setup with a days notice as the tides permit. A game of Beach soccer, beach bats and volleyball can easily be arranged, or perhaps you might have a crack at a local game of Petanque.

Rock pooling.
The low tides around the new and full moons withdraw sufficiently enough to expose the entire reef in front of the boathouse, revealing many little pools filled with a variety  of marine life. Join the villagers while they forage through the reef in search of seaweed, starfish, sea urchins, crabs, fish, and octopus to use in their traditional cooking.

Women from nearby villages will set up at the Pasar Sumba near Menara  to weave traditional Sumbanese ikats, as well as bracelets, placemats, baskets, boxes and containers made of Pandanus or Palm leaves. If  you  are interested in learning this ancient art, they would be more than  honored to teach you. Please inquire first with the Front Office so that we can make arrangements for you to join them.

Bird watching.
Our bird watching trail is designed to take just 25 minutes to complete and will lead you past both our own chicken  coop and organic garden. Keep your eye out for the exotic birds of Sumba, such  as the
Apricot-breasted sunbird, Blue-tailed Bee Eater or the Sumba Hornbill, in addition to several others.

Mountain biking.
Adventurous guests may try their hand at mountain biking, a great low-
impact way to tour the Sumba countryside. With  several trails of  different difficulty levels, you and your guide can map out a path
that suits your skills and interests.

Rua trek.
Guests depart Nihiwatu at 7.30am for this 2 hour trek and ascend up through the surroundind palm tree forest heading past traditional Sumba villages. Your guide will talk you through the changing environment and provide an opportunity to meet the locals, enter their village and understand more about their daily life. Make sure to bring your bathing suit as you will be able to enjoy a fresh coconut and a swim when you reach pantai Rua. We will arrange for our open air safari vehicle to collect you and transport you back to the resort or you may trek.
We recommend the following items: a sarong, swimsuit, extra shirt and camera before embarking on the trip, and make sure to wear sturdy shoes.

Lamboya trek.
Guests depart Nihiwatu at 7.30am and start the trek heading west across the two and half kilometer Nihiwatu beach. Moving inland you enter through the thick palm tree jungle and up through the mountainous  Lamboya valley and over 200 hectares of rice paddy fields anchored by  estuaries and rivers. Enjoy a refreshing young coconut as it is cut down the traditional way from the surrounding trees by your trekking  guide. The trek is followed by a light early lunch. After the trek we  offer the opportunity for you to discover the areas followed by a return walk or we can arrange for the open air safari vehicle to collect you and transport you back to the resort.

Market tour of Waikabubak.
See what life is like in the heart of West Sumba's largest town, Waikabubak. Just a 30 minutes’ drive from Nihiwatu there is a boisterous and unique market where you can see the piles of dried fish, chili peppers, tobacco, and betel nuts that the locals so highly cherish. You are sure to meet some great characters and it’s quite interesting to see the "pasar" and all the vendors hawking their wares. A trip through town includes a stop at the local fruit stand, a local Sumbanese antique store and any other attractions that you might spot  in passing. On Wednesdays you can see a traditional local market at
Kabukarudi  (Lamboya)  and  the  market  at  Pededewatu  (Rua)  on  Saturdays  for  more  insight  into  the everyday lives of the Sumbanese.

The Sumba Foundation tour.
We invite you to discover what The Sumba Foundation is doing across the island. The close relationship with the resort and many of our guests has brought health, nourishment, education, and enriched the lives of many indigenous Sumbanese people. Visit a local water project, a Malaria-combating health clinic, or volunteer one morning with the school lunch program. Our prearranged tour will also make a stop at the Foundation headquarters, located just outside the gates of Nihiwatu.

The surf at Nihiwatu is world-class; it is hard not to be mesmerized by the endless sets pounding the reef. Only registered surfers may enjoy  the waves, unless with an accompanying waterman during a one on one  lesson. Please check with the Head Waterman regarding weather conditions and tides before you head out as they can change drastically from day to day. Daily surfing in front of Nihiwatu is reserved for registered surfers only. Surf slots are confirmed at the time of reservation.

Nihiwatu Rack Rates - 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016  

RACK RATES IN USD (++) by Name of State.

Raja Mendaka (à partir du 15 Sept):

Type de Villa (Nbre de Villa) Basse Saison Moyenne Saison Haute Saison
3-Bedroom Estate 5,000++ 7,500++ 10,000++
2-Bedroom Villa (1) 2,750++ 3,000++ 4,000++
1-Bedroom Duplex Villa (3) 750++ 1,500++ 2,000++

Tree House (MAMOLE) (à partir du 15 Oct):

Type de Villa (Nbre de Villa) Basse Saison Moyenne Saison Haute Saison
3-Bedroom Estate 2,650++ 4,000++ 5,300++
2-Bedroom Villa (1)


2,500++ 3,500++
1-Bedroom Villa (1) 750++ 1,500++ 1,800++

Puncak (à partir du 15 Août):

Type de Villa (Nbre de Villa) Basse Saison Moyenne Saison Haute Saison
3-Bedroom Villa (1) 2,100++ 2,900++ 4,000++


Type de Villa (Nbre de Villa) Basse Saison Moyenne Saison Haute Saison
2-Bedroom Villa (1) 1,400++ 2,400++ 3,000++
1-Bedroom Villa (2)


900++ 1,100++


Type de Villa (Nbre de Villa) Basse Saison Moyenne Saison Haute Saison
2-Bedroom Villa (1) 1,400++ 2,400++ 3,000++
1-Bedroom Villa (2)


900++ 1,100++


Type de Villa (Nbre de Villa) Basse Saison Moyenne Saison Haute Saison
2-Bedroom Villa (1) 1,400++ 2,400++ 3,000++
1-Bedroom Villa (2)


750++ 950++


Type de Villa (Nbre de Villa) Basse Saison Moyenne Saison Haute Saison
Wave Front 1-Bedroom Villa (4) 850++ 1,500++ 1,800++


Type de Villa (Nbre de Villa) Basse Saison Moyenne Saison Haute Saison
Wave Front 1-Bedroom Villa (2) 650++ 1,200++ 1,500++

Lulu Amahu:

Type de Villa (Nbre de Villa) Basse Saison Moyenne Saison Haute Saison
1-Bedroom Villa (2) 650++ 1,200++ 1,500++


Type de Villa (Nbre de Villa) Basse Saison Moyenne Saison Haute Saison
Sumba 1-Bedroom Duplex Villa (2) 650++ 900++ 1,100++

Additional Person :

Children aged 12 & over or adults  = 195++ per person per night
Enfants àgés de 6 à 11 ans
= 90++ per person per night
Enfants agés de 5 ans et - = Offered

All rates are exclusive of 11% government tax & 10% service charge.  
Government tax & service charge are non-commissionable.

Seasonnality :


15 NOV 15 - 20 DEC 15

9 JAN 16 - 20 MAR 16

1 APR 15 - 15 JUN 15
11 OCT 15 – 14 NOV 15
21 MAR 16 – 31 MAR 16

16 JUN 15 - 10 OCT 15

21 DEC 15 - 8 JAN 16