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Sri Lanka


Savages animals, Bouddhistes temples, paradisiacs lands capes... More than just a surf trip, Sri Lanka is a real cultural experience that you can't forget !


Sri Lanka is the secret garden holiday and the Island in the Indian Ocean located to the south of the Indian subcontinent, and is one of the most reliable surf destinations in the Indian Ocean. You'll find beautiful tropical beaches, ancient monuments, verdant vegetation, and a thousand delights to please all tastes !!


Tropical climate. Upland areas are cooler and more temperate, and coastal areas are cooled by sea breezes. There are two monsoons, which occur December to March (East cost), and June to October (West Cost).
Temperatures there are about 28/30°C all along the year on the coast line.


Language : Sinhala, Tamil
Currency : Sri Lankan Rupee (1€ = 111RS)

You'll no problem changing travellers' cheques at most major banks. Banks will give you a slightly better rate for TC, but it's convenient to have some for times when you can't get to a bank (there are plenty of money changers in Colombo and Kandy, they're unlikely to accept international cards. Credit cards are widely accepted; Visa and MasterCard cash withdrawal are possible at major banks.


Visa : Visitors from the USA, most western European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong do not requires visas. Automatic entry for between 30 and 90 days is given on arrival. You need a valid passport

Health risks: Cholera, Hepatitis, Malaria, and Dengue Fiver.

Getting around: The dominants mode of transport are buses, coaches and train (slower but more comfortable). Motorbike and self-drive car hire are becalming increasingly popular, though motorist often run an obstacle race around cows and dogs. Local transport consists of buses, auto-rickshaws, and taxis called: "Tuck Tuck", which are sorts of small 3 wheels cars.


Turquoise Surf Travel propose 2 Superior Category Hotels, the Stardust Beach Hotel and the Tri Stars Hotel in Arugam Bay.Tri Star comprises of Bungalows, each unit with two rooms, some are A/C while others have only fans. The hotel is located away from the surf point, maximum 10 minutes walk. Infact near the surf point there aren't any buildings except for a small restaurant.

Turquoise Surf Travel also propose sort of huts on the beach.