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Simeulue Island


Kita surf resort is located on the edge of a small beach of white sand and a translucent River, in the middle of coconut trees, in a majestic natural environment.

-From the point of view of the surf there are more than ten spots within a 15-minute bike.

These spots work according to different conditions, which ensures an almost permanent good quality surf!

-Our knowledge of the spots and conditions, followed by a surf guide, will ensure that you will always be in the right place regarding the surf conditions.

-The beach in front Kita Surf Resort is perfect to start surfing and make its first take-off, have fun safely with a bodyboard or simply for a swim. The swell breaking on the reef surrounding the beach, is very attenuated and makes a wonderful , natural swave pool. You can also relax, play soccer or beach volleyball.

-The Kita Surf Resort can accommodate 10 people maximum because they want to keep this family spirit which is very important for them from the beginning.

Thus, even if Kita surf resort is a special place for surfers, non surfers will find also spend there holiday idyllic, far from the Western world, and its stress, in an oasis of peace surrounded by nature and smiles.

Pactical info  

Malaria and Dengue

It’s not much malaria or dengue fever on the island but the risk exists… we recommend a medication against malaria. But prevention is the best option. Bring some lights long sleeves and long pants clothes for the evening or the early morning plus some mosquito repellent. All our bedrooms have mosquitonets.

Local culture:

Islam is the biggest religion here as we are a part from aceh province on north sumatra. People are very religious here even if their practice is more open than the view western media offers us. It’s obviously forbidden to drink alcohol anywhere out from the camp like in every muslim country. But you can still bring your own bottle from the duty free (1 L max per person) and have your own drinks. Night life is not what you’re coming for and a surftrip here is more of a SURFTRIP!!!

The crazy Sinabang nights are about drinking coffee and singing karaoke with an indo rock show sometimes. Bali is definitely the go for party boys. As we are in a very muslim area women have to wear clothes that cover knees and shoulders. They will be able to wear a bikini on the beautiful beaches on the offshores islands.

This is a stupid rule for us western people but we want to respect local culture and not offense them. It might evolve as it happened in others parts of Indonesia but it needs time.


What’s in the boardbag ?

2 boards., a normal one and a longer for bigger waves
few leg ropes
sunscreen et zinc
Board shorts
rain jacket
long clothes
mosquito repellent
head light


Surf break  

We don’t tell everything here… the search is on!

Dylan's : 15 minutes from Kita Surf Resort, it’s an hollow right hander wrapping around a point. Heavy over 4-5 ft. Fun under 4 foot. It’s kind of a small lagundry in Nias, shorter but hollower and less crowded!

The peak : my favorite wave. Located 30 minutes from Kita Surf Resort. It’s an hollow A-frame peak. The left is better with two hollow sections barreling over 3 foot. A goofy footer paradise. This is a swell magnet.

The school : An hollow righthander wrapping around a point with some nice barrels when it’s on. Located ten minutes from Kita Surf Resort

Batu lalang left : A long lefthander barrel. Fun when it’s small, with a good wall for turns. Heavy when it’s bigger with a 100 meters long barrel. For very good surfers over 4 foot. All levels when it’s smaller

One thong : A fun lefthander with a nice wall in a beautiful, wild set up. Works with a very small swell. Never flat. Ten minutes from Kita Surf Resort.

The beachbreaks : A five kilometers bay, 10 minutes from Kita Surf Resort. Some good, virgin sandbanks with hollow waves. Heavy over five foot. Rights and lefts. Good to change from the reefs and throw some airs. Very fun on a bodyboard too. Some more beachbreaks up north suitable for all levels.

Tea bags : On Teupah island,1 hour away with a local boat, a challenging righthander wrapping around a point. The offshore deep water trench gives a lot of power to this wave wich can be heavy. Handles over triple overhead. The heaviest wave around. Good surfers only over 4 foot!

Thailands : 30 minutes down south from Kita Surf Resort. A left hander which holds big size with a short boat trip to access. Easy take off. Beautiful clear water with coral heads under . for all levels.
This list is not complete and it’s still a lot more spots to find less than 30 minutes drive from kita surf resort. We’ll give you all the tips to search the numerous unnamed waves around. You also can ask for a surf guide who will drive you around according to the swell and wind conditions.

You will find good surf with your mates only most of the time. And it will be less than ten people in the water on those breaks excepted on the peak and dylan’s on the on season. Off season (october to march) is the go!

The bungalows  

The traditionnal bungalows are built with european standards, which means that you will find a nice shower with western toilets, sinks, fans and cold or hot water suppliers in each room.

We chose this kind of construction because wood suits the local weather conditions and keeps the air cool even on the warmest days, avoiding the big waste of energy from air conditioned rooms and using local materials at the same time.

They come with two rooms with two beds each. The deck has been built to allow you to relax on a hammock with a beautiful view on the beach and the waves.

Breakfast will be a buffet.

We’ll provide a fresh fruit juice every morning and coconuts. As breakfeast is important to get energy for the whole day you’ll find some cereals, pancackes, fruits and omelet to fill you up for your morning activity.

Breakfast is included in every package.

Lunch and dinner :

We’ll cook a mix of indo and western food. Our cook has a lot of knowledge about Sumatran food so she’ll be happy to make some for you to taste.

As we are French and love the tasty food we’ll make sure you taste some grilled fish and beef, some ratatouille, poulet basquaise and pasta bolognaise as well.

Our aim is to cook healthy food, suiting to people who need a lot of good energy to spend a big day in the water... even if a good burger is very tasty sometimes...

Lunch and dinner will come with the all included package. But you can still order "a la carte" when you want.


The rates can change, we have discounts for groups of four people or more and for long stays over 12 days.

High season (april to october) on all included formula: 80 USD

Low season (november to march) on all included formula: 71 USD

Formula includes:

-Airport transportation

-Motorbike rental

-Surfguide with a lot ofknowledge about the area

-healthy breakfast with homemade juices and fruit salad from our home grown organic fruits, eggs prepared as you wish, toasts with butter and homemade jam, cereals, cakes...

-Healthy and tasty lunch and dinner cooked by Emi, our sumatran food specialist ( less picy if you wish). we only cook fresk products and love to grill fish at night.

-Unlimited coconuts, hotdrinks, drinking water