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N'Gor Island - Senegal


TURQUOISE SURF TRAVEL will take you in front of the village of N'GOR , in "N'Gor Island" exactly who is the earth of the Senegal Surfing.

N'Gor is at the beginning of the extrem point of the "Dakar peninsula" called also "the Almadies peninsular" . You will be under the spell of this dream site.

You will be fascinated by the kindness and hospitality of the Senegalese people , of the" Lebou"  ,The Lebous are fishing people who are leaving in the Area of N'Gor Village

How we say in wollof : Teranga mean welcome , and that will make you love N'Gor ....


You can stay at Hotel la Brazzérade, which is located in the heart of the surfing area.
Right here, you will find a right and a left on the Ngor island standing out just opposite the hotel.
There is pirogue that plies between the island and the beach. You can also be dropped right on the spot.
In the continuation of the village, there are two waves :

The bay of carps, which unrolls at the end of the village, and the Loïc left, just opposite the Méridien Président Hotel. On the other side of the peninsula, that is some 500 meters as the crow flies, you will find the surfers nest, in a place called the Secret beach where there are some very nice spots. You can also go for the Yoff Beachbreaks, which are found after the fishermen village, at Cité BCEAO level. You can get there by hiring a taxi cab (the fare is usually between FF 10 to 15 per run). And then the 200 km of breaks ahead are all yours !
If you are lucky to have the swell, you will surf waves that are quite extraordinary. It must be noted that during the month of October, the water is still at good temperature, which makes it possible for you to surf without a suit during your entire stay.

TURQUOISE SURF TRAVEL will also suggest to you the WARUNG Gliss Camp, a resort where you will have your own access to the waterfront, by the lagoon, that will offer various sports, mostly of the gliding and sliding type, including surfing, wind surfing, fly surfing, skurfing … and many other sports such as bike excursions, 4-wheel drive vehicle excursions, surfcasting, beach-volley … that will help you discover this paradisial country.
5 minutes away from the camp there are opportunities for other sporting activities : golf, competitive fishing, tennis, etc., and, for those who are rather the quiet type, relaxation, cultural visits, shopping in the heart of the capital city. So your playground is only 5 minutes away from the airport, and only 5 hours away from Paris (1 or 2 hours time difference depending on the season). On arrival, you will be greeted with cold drinks offered by people in good spirits. Free of charge !

Facing the sea, WARUNG is the favourite place for all gliding, sliding sports and adventure lovers of all nationalities. Friendly service, a warm atmosphere, barbecue parties, sports at will … the Camp consists of 18 rooms (for 2 to 4 persons) and 2 beautiful apartments (for 6 persons each) all fitted in the African style (all 18 rooms have a seaview). They are comfortable though in a simple way, with toilet, shower, refrigerator, with a private garden or with a terrace by a large swimming pool with an open outlook over the Ngor island bay and its famous right. Surfing : In front of your base [5 minute by engine-propelled pirogue or 10 minute by canoe (rowing)] the left of Ngor island and its long right as seen in the motion picture entitled ENDLESS SUMMER I.