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MOCEAN. A film by Chris Bryan from Chris Bryan on Vimeo. I love filming in the ocean more than anything, its not just a job, its a...


"Saint Leu" is certainly the well-known wave of the island, hence the most crowded one. Saint Leu is a long left. If one starts from the outside, the take-off is fairly easy and one can go into a succession of rollers and floaters in a portion somewhat softer that must be negociated carefully because immediately after there comes the last section called the bowl which is the most hollow and fast portion of the entire wave.

"La Pointe au Sel" is a superb left, tight and very fast, but with very little water at the end. Besides, it unrolls near very aggressive rocks, which makes it a dangerous wave. Moreover, this spot is known to be infested with sharks.

For all these reasons, this wave does not appeal to surfers very much and is, therefore, abandoned especially when Saint Leu is just a few strides away.

Accomodation :
Saint Gilles les Bains by the beach, flat
Surf Camp

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