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Lagundri Bay (the bay in which the famous right unrolls) has become a starting point towards those new waves. As a result, this spot is not as crowded as before and one seldom finds more than twenty surfers at a time in a line-up, even in peak seasons. The Nias wave operates perfectly from 2 to 15 feet.

Access is easy thanks to a break in the reef called "The Keyhole" that will spare you getting over the sand bar no matter how big this obstacle is. The reef itself is not dangerous compared to other surfing spots in Indonesia. The corals are abundant but not aggressive. Because of the geographical position of the archipelago, this cluster of islands is one of the most interesting areas in the world.

Directly facing the famous roaring forties and the howling fifties, these islands receive continuously, from March to October, swells that are 4 to 12 feet high and that can even reach 15 feet between May and September. From November to February, the swells are less important in size but still frequent and they are usually 2 to 4 feet high, which make them ideal waves for beginners.

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