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Tamarin Bay and its Cap Dal Express wave have become the most frequented spot on the island, yet a great number of other spots have been discovered in the meantime. Most of these spots only get crowded during week-ends. Mauritius, which is not far from Reunion, enjoys the same weather conditions as its sister island.

Subject to the southern hemisphere winter depressions, Mauritius is exposed, from May to October, to the swells coming from the Antarctic.
The North-East trade-winds regime makes the West coast a ideal zone for the formation of high quality waves.

In addition to the spots already mentioned, you will, depending on the strength of the trade-wind, have the opportunity to surf on the South coast.

Particularly the Macondé pass of easy access if you are rowing and, above all, the very nice Souillac left, which unrolls along a coastal reef.

A few flying hours away from France, with only a 3-hour time difference, what used to be called "Ile de France" is awaiting you with is spirit full of souvenirs and exotism.