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A swell check from the comfort of your bed?

Discovering the island, with its many surf spots and numerous other attractions is at the heart of our Kima Surf Camp. Mobility is a big thing for KimaSurf. We organise up to 12 guided Surfaris to the various surf spots every day

This way we make sure that  every surfer (beginners, intermediates or advanced surfers) is on the right wave at the right time. Accompanied by our guides by car and boat, you'll be able to discover the perfect waves all around this more than divine island.

Our Surf House “The Green Room Canggu” is about 8 km North of the heaving tourist stronghold, Kuta, directly on the so-called eco-beach.

First-class semi-beach breaks are just waiting for you here, on your own doorstep, so to speak. These are suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers. It’s only a few minutes’ walk from the Surf Camp to the perfect reef and beach breaks, Canggu and Perenenan.

Far from the madding crowds of the tourist strongholds, here, surrounded by rice fields and palm groves, it’s so easy to slip into an eat-sleep-surf rhythm.  Chilling out with a cold after-surf beer you can enjoy the spectacular sunset from the comfort of our Camp, or if the mood takes you, you can hit Kuta for a spontaneous shopping trip.

In the laid-back Canggu Surf Camp Bali you have all the options. If you prefer to be out and about on your own, you can use our minibuses, jeeps and mountain bikes free of charge – just check with us.

Kima Canggu

Kima Canggu

 To have an idea of Our base in Canggu , just watch our clip

The Canggu Surf Camp  

For your comfort and to let you really enjoy your time before and after surfing we've made every effort to create a genuine Bali feeling in our choice of accommodation.

The Base Surf Camp is “The Green Room Canggu” Hotel, some 8 km from Kuta and directly on the beach on Bali's west coast. A laid-back, relaxing holiday is guaranteed here in the midst of rice fields and just a stone’s throw away from the water. Shopping, dining, clubbing facilities are all easy to reach with our own minibuses, jeeps or by taxi.

The four-bed and double rooms (all with their own bathroom and terrace) are situated around a natural stone pool in the tropical garden. All rooms are up to western standards with hot water and ventilators.

There are also two luxurious private villas with air conditioning, flat-screen TV, Hifi/DVD/iPOD station, an open bathroom with shower, a kitchen and chill area. These villas are separate from the hotel complex and have their own private pools and tropical garden.

From the terraces and the entire complex you have a fantastic view over the sea and our homebreaks. Our traditional Bali houses with HiFi/DVD, the beach bar and the fantastic vista make it the ideal place for hanging out between surfing trips: relaxing, wining and dining, whatever you fancy... 
It goes without saying that there is a W-LAN Internet connection available for all our guests.

The History  

In 1989 it was "Pencak Silat", a type of martial arts, that brought Ari to a training camp in Indonesia, where he was meant to be preparing for competitions in the homeland of this old Malaysian martial arts.

However, it wasn't long before he got hooked on something completely different.......surfing, and the enchanting way and mentality of the people here. And thus the idea of a Bali Surfari was born. The years that followed saw him laying the foundation for the first  Kima Bali Surf Camp along with his best mate, Boris.

KimaSurf has now been organising Surf Camps and Surfaris since 1995. Of course lots of things have changed since then, but one thing still remains: it's a get-together of like-minded people with the one and the same passion - surfing as a life-style.

We all have one commitment: working hard to make the idea of the Bali Surf Camp  an unforgettable experience for you.

Surf Guiding  

Kima Bali Surf Camp’s big plus is that surf guiding is inclusive!

The whole week we organize up to twelve trips for all surf levels to various breaks all round Bali. What this means is that you can take part in at least two guided session per day.
 If you need a surf break you have the opportunity to book one of the inland Culture and Sport Trips organised by Kima Bali Surf Camps

The surf spots we head for are graded according to the various surf levels and selected depending on the tide, swell and wind conditions.

Our guides are all trained in life-saving (auch im Deutschen ‘life’ nicht ‘live’, they’re familiar with the island, drive safely and can give you competent briefing on the spot.

Here they’ll point out the characteristics of reef surfing or any possible hazards. The guides always surf with you in the water, giving you tips and showing you tricks.

Six times a week the sessions are filmed so that the analysis afterwards can help you identify the mistakes you’re making and sort these out.

You can also take part in the theory lessons on material maintenance, wave know-how and surf rules.

At the Surf Camp Canggu it’s only two minutes from bed to beach. Two perfect semi-beach breaks with left and right waves are right on the doorstep. These breaks are ideal for all surfers – beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers. But if you like it a bit harder, it’s only a two-minute walk to the reef breaks of the eco-beach Perenenan and Canggu Sandbar.

Our guided tours are always adapted to the given conditions, that means that depending on the swell the odd secret spot might come to light. On the other hand, you might, even as a beginner, be able to ride a reef break and then boast at the end of your holiday that you mastered Uluwatu .With our years of experience you’ll always be at the right spot at the right time!

Daily proceeds

On the evening before choose the surf sessions that suit you best – depending on your preferences and skills and simply enter your name in the list. If you’re really surf-crazy and not put off by the thought of an early-morning surf, you can do more than the usual two sessions a day. Our surf guides will be pleased to help you make your choice.

* Beginners
For beginners the many semi-beach breaks on our doorstep are ideal for riding your first green wave and improving your take-off. We also regularly go to the famous beach breaks around Kuta, e.g. HalfWay and DoubleSix. We’ve been checking out these spots for years now and they’ve certainly proved their worth. Even experienced surfers can get a perfect ride here.

* Intermediates

For intermediate surfers Bali has a whole series of soft reef breaks and semi-beach breaks in store. Many perfect waves nearby or famous spots a bit further away will push your skills and maybe even make you an advanced surfer by the end of your stay.

* Advanced
Of course it is the advanced surfers that really get their money’s worth on Bali. The best waves all round Bali are on our schedule: the legendary Airport breaks, the classic Bali waves such as Dreamland and Balangan or the world famous spots like Padang-Padang, Keramas or Uluwatu. As something of an institution here, we obviously know a few unknown and unsurfed waves – the ones the guidebooks don’t know.

The diversity and sheer perfection of the waves is enough to make any surfer's heart miss a beat. No matter what time of the year, Bali has a constant surf and ideal conditions for both beginners, intermediates and pro's. And don't worry about the swell - that’s 100% guaranteed!

Food & Drinks  

Our Kima Bali surf camp Canggu restaurant is open from 7 am to 11 pm and offers various international and local dishes, created by our internationally experienced chef. We only use fresh ingredients and cater for a variety of options such as vegan and vegetarian.

Our delicious breakfast options – plus an upgrade to deluxe breakfast – are available from 7 am to 12 pm at the surf hotel in Canggu. Free tea and coffee are available every day until 6 pm. Our standard breakfast with a choice of fresh fruit juices, a starter such as a fruit salad or pancakes, and a main course like eggs, fried rice or fried noodles, is included in the camp price.

Upgrade your standard breakfast to a deluxe spread for a little extra money. You will receive a wider selection of breakfast options such as muesli, bagels, Nutella and more: the perfect start for your surf day. Deluxe breakfast is included in all deluxe room categories.

The cost of living in Bali is fairly low. A healthy and filling meal (e.g. fish with a side dish) costs around 3 €. The obligatory evening beer on the beach is likely to be the most expensive thing on the healthy Indonesian food menu. Fruit salad or Nasi/Mie Goreng (fried rice/noodles) can be found even on the most remote beaches. Our restaurant in the Canggu surf camp also offers a variety of Indonesian dishes.

In Canggu there are plenty of good restaurants with high-quality food that cater to western tastes. You’ll find all sorts of food: German, Persian, Italian, Japanese, Greek and Brazilian, plus international fast food chains.

In addition to your standard breakfast you will receive a meal from our menu in our restaurant every day after 5:30 PM.

Use this bottle to refill from our fresh drinking water dispensers in the camp at any time. The enormous amounts of plastic waste are increasingly becoming a problem in Bali. To help keep Bali as plastic-free as possible buy a Kima bottle and unlimited drinking water for only 10 €


On the move -  by land and sea - our strong point
Discovering Bali

The major concept of the Kima Bali Surf Camp is to get to know what's near and far in Bali. Whether a shore break in Dreamland, reef of Bingin or Kuta´s 6 km-long sandy beach: our long-term experience of Bali promises to take you to the best waves all around the island. Depending on the day's conditions, what the participants want to do and their surfing level, our guests take off in small groups by car or boat over and around the island .

This way you can take part in at least 14 surf sessions at the various spots in any one week.

Here on the island you don’t have to miss out on culture and other activities. Hindu Bali offers not only endless temples, royal palaces and rice terraces in the island’s interior, the coastal towns have loads of opportunities for shopping, dining and hanging out with the right people.

For the sports fans there is a wide spectrum: diving, wake/kiteboarding, stand-up paddling, volcano trekking, rafting, mountain biking or tree top climbing.

Culture and Sport Trips

So that you can get to know Bali’s inland we, at Kima Surf Camp, also offer organised culture and sport trips with a driver at the weekend.

Beach Day Trips
If surfing during the week is not enough for you, you can join in one of the beach day trips. We’ll take you to Bali’s coolest surf beaches, e.g. Dreamland, Uluwatu or Balangan, where you can bask in the sun to your heart’s content or surf the perfect waves. The beach day trips are always on a Sunday and are included in the camp price.

Bali off your own bat

So you can get to know your “own” Bali our car pool with minibuses (min. 3 guests), jeeps and mountain bikes is available free of charge for island tours or other activities. – just check with us for availability. You can hire a moped with a board carrier for 2€ /day.

For short trips to the supermarket or bancomat a driver can be organised – just check with us.

The use of our carpool of jeeps, minibuses and mountain bikes can be arranged free of charge for island trips or your own activities.

An international driver's license is necessary for all vehicles!


Equipment, your own stuff

Our material pool has been put together to suit the conditions we have here: shortboards (6'0'' - 7'0''), funshapes and mini-malibus (7'0'' - 7'8'') for our beginners. We have a board for every level and all conditions.  If you don't mind the haul, feel free to bring your own equipment or favourite board with you, so you can put them to the ultimate test here. Board shorts, booties, and wax can be had here at reasonable prices.

Leashes and lycras are included in the rental, however, possible repairs have to paid for.

If you want to be on the safe side as far as ding repair is concerned, you can “insure” your rental board – or your own one – for € 25. That means that we will carry the costs for any repairs over a period of 1 – 3 weeks, whether it’s a tiny dent or a major break. Any damage will of course be immediately and professionally repaired.


One week Kima Surf Camp Bali Canggu covers:

    * Airport transfer
    * 7 nights’ accommodation incl. breakfast in a double or 4-bed room with WC and shower
    * Surf Guiding 7 days a week, twice a day incl. spot transfer,  spot instruction, coaching in the water
    * 6x Surf video coaching and analysis
    * 1x Boat shuttle to the outer reefs (advanced surfers)
    * 6x Surf theory
    * Use of mountain bikes and Camp vehicles
    * Camp drivers
    * W-LAN
    * Free flow coffee & tea (daily up to 18.00h)

Canggu Surf Lodge  

Only a stone’s throw away from the main house you can find our Surf Lodge, which comes with a spacious living room, three air-conditioned dorms, each with 6 bunk beds and a bathroom per room.

Furthermore the Lodge has a pool, free WiFI and small kitchen with cooking facilities and a fridge.

During your stay at the Surf Lodge you can take part in the normal surf camp program of Kima Surfari Canggu, all usual services are included.

Of course you can you can use the facilities of the Green Room Canggu to have breakfast, lunch & dinner and sign up for surf sessions over there.

We are providing bicycles to manage the 200m-distance to the camp for free.

Learn to Surf  

We offer qualified training for rookies with our surf school in Bali. Our special recipe is “first the basics, then move on to learning by doing” – a sure way to get hooked on surfing.

The package consists of three days at the surfing school in Bali where you’ll learn the basics, such as paddling, turning your board and techniques to get you onto your feet. After and in parallel to the surf school classes you can take part in our guided tours for beginners and practice with our surf guides.

Joining the surf school in Bali is the ideal way to prepare for our guided surf sessions.


● 3 days of 2 hours a day at School of Surf
● plus 2 hours 1 on 1 Pool session
● Surf lessons in Bali in small groups with individual
● supervision
● Transfer
● Equipment and Board Insurance
● Sunscreen
● Changing Poncho
● Water
● Lycra
● Board Shorts

 Prices started from 79€

A Day with a Surf Guide