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From April to October it is the dry season, the best period : the western side of the Island catches the swell better and the prevailing winds are offshore. During these months, the famous spots called Uluwatu, Padang-padang and Bingin are equal to their reputation as Kuta Reef and Airport Reef operate perfectly. For those who are beginners, preference should go to the Kuta and Legian Beach spots.

Although these beaches are crowded, the Island's potential and the regularity of the swells make it possible for every surfer to catch his waves. In Bali, the aftermath of surfing is something you don't want to miss : there is a festive atmosphere everywhere and there are endless opportunities for entertainment : parachute slope-diving with Exo Fly, rafting, mountain bike riding, excursions on elephant back, to name but a few. Kuta and Legian have a profusion of bars, discotheques and stores, and surfers shops here are no match even for the best california shop signs.

Bali comes second to Hawaii as the favorite destination for surfers of all levels. Its geographical position allows this island to get swells all year long. From November to March, it is the rainy season and it is the Eastern side of the Bukit peninsula that gets the swell, with spots like Sanur, Sri Lanka and Nusa Dua. In addition to all these advantages, Bali is also the ideal departing platform for neighbouring islands such as Nusa Lembongan, Louboa, Sumbawa, Sumba and, of course, Grajagan in Java.

Depending on the period you choose, TURQUOISE SURF TRAVEL will make hotel or Losmen reservations for you, either in the Sanur area, during the rainy season, or in Seminyak, during the dry season.
is also pleased to propose to you, in all exclusivity, a private house with a swimming pool where you can reside with your family and even accommodate your friends.

Video Gallery

The Water Bom in Kuta

 incredible Water bom in Kuta
It's just an aquatic city in the hearth of kuta

The Bukit

 Nice tour of the bukit with the Kima team of Seminyak
Thanks to you guys