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Simeulue Island


Located north-west of Sumatra, 2 degrees north of the equator, unique situation of Simeulue Island ensures very regular, not to say daily, surf conditions all year long!

The seasons are very weak or nonexistent, and the water is between 28 degrees and 30 degrees all year round. This is one of the most consistent places in the world in terms of swells

In four years, Gauthier the owner of Kita Surf Resort has never seen a flat day, without wave!

The wind is generally variable low throughout the year, except in thunderstorms. And, icing on the cake, he surfs more than half the time ALONE!

The island is still very unspoiled and nature is ubiquitous, so non-surfers can enjoy a breathtaking environment both at sea and on land.

It is possible to snorkel with turtles, spearfishing, fishing, walks in the forest to waterfalls etc ...

The kindness of the people here is very communicative as well and a motorcycle tour is enough to be greeted by multiple "hello mister". Gauthier make a point of honor to make you discover the local life by bringing you, if you wish, in town, in the market, by organizing games on the beach with the locals etc ...

Why do a surf trip in Simeulue Island ?  

Surfing is obviously the main activity on Simeulue, with its many spots for all levels, from beachbreack to slab for barrel riders.

Nevertheless this island has many other things to offer, in the word surftrip there is also trip!

Magnificent beaches to discover, waterfalls, translucent and fishy waters with very beautiful coral reefs, ideal for snorkeling and fishing, until big game fishing.

In addition to its wild side, you will discover the preserved side of the island of Simeulue, an authentic indonesia, far from the Balinese madness.

Its curious inhabitants will greet you in passing and invite you to their home to share unique and warm moments over coffee or tea.

And if you speak a little Indonesian then it's open door and a meeting awaits you at each village crossed.

It is to make you discover that we decided to create this resort in agreement with the local communities.

The creation of this resort in this little piece of paradise is a dream come true for Gauthier

You will always keep the spirit of a small resort integrated into the local life because it is very much in the heart of Gauthier

The number of people welcomed is deliberately limited in order to preserve a spirit of tranquility and conviviality.

SAMPAÏ JUMPA SEBENTAR LUGI DAN SELAMAT JALAN (see you soon and have a good trip)