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Une tres bonne Santé, beaucoup de bonheur, de la joie, des belles sessions et bien d'autres bonnes choses positives, c'est ce que nous vous...



La coque du bateau Swell Lines est fabriquée en acier à haute teneur en carbone, d'une longueur de 18,05 mètres, construite sur mesure pour la location de longues distances au large des côtes.
C'est l'un des bateaux les plus sûrs à Padang.
Conçu pour le surf, la pêche au gros et les sorties écologiques, il est équipé de deux moteurs, de deux générateurs.
Il peut accueillir jusqu’à 12 personnes en direct à bord et dispose de la climatisation.

Aménagement Bateau  


-À l'étage, juste à côté du coin salon il y a 2 lits superposés
-En bas des escaliers avec 6x lits simple.
-Dans la soute se trouve un lit double séparé avec une porte pour plus d'intimité pour un couple
-Salle de bain 
-Salon avec télé

-Salle à manger

Rotation 2020 🌊 🏄  

Tous les Trips sont à 2500 USD mais averc notre promo, comptez 1999 USD le trip sur la base de 12 Nuits en All Inclusive 

Date Slot
15 Feb to 27 Feb 10
29 Feb to 12 Mar 10
14 Mar to 265 Mar 10
28 Mar to 09 Apr 10
11 Apr to 23 Apr  10
25 Apr to 07 May   10
09 May to 21 May 10
23 May to 04 Jun 10
07 Jun to 19 Jun 09 Telo
23 Jun to 03 Jul 10
10 Jul to 22 Jul 08
24 Jul to 05 Aug 10
07 Aug to 15 Aug 10
17 Aug to 29 Aug 08
31 Aug to 12 Sep SOLD OUT
14 Sep to 26 Sep 10
28 Sep to 10 Oct 10
12 Oct to 24 Oct 10
26 Out to 07 Nov 10
09 Nov to 21 Nov 10
23 Nov to 05 Dec 10
07 Dec to 19 Dec  10
21 Dec to 02 Dec 10



1 - Pickup and return from Minangkabau International Airport in Padang, Sumatra. Transfers: Airport/ (Hotel) / Boat - Boat / (Hotel) / Airport. It takes around 40 min from the airport to the Boat harbour
​2 - 12 nights charter up to 10 guests
3 - Air conditioned accommodation
4 - TV, video, speakers
​5 - Breakfast, lunch and dinner
​6 - Snacks and fruits any time of the day or night
​7 - Water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino, juices, soft drinks
​8 - FREE 24 BEERS PER Person. This is transferrable - if your mate doesn't drink you get more.
​9 - Use of all onboard equipment: dinghy, stand up paddle board, snorkelling, spearfishing gear and safety equipment
​10 - Surf guide, skipper and crew onboard to make sure sure everything runs smoothly

Our food and drinks  

Our chef is very skilled and specialises in Western, Brazilian, Mexican and Indonesian cuisine.

We have a rotating menu which includes various dishes of fish, prawns, squid, beef, chicken, vegetables, salads, rice and beans, pasta, spaghetti, lasagna, tacos, quesadillas, burgers and more... meals fit for kings - eat all you want. Plus free fruits, snacks, chips, cookies, chocolate, ice cream and desserts to make sure you never get hungry.

​Vegetarian guests: Please inform us when booking so we can make sure you are looked after.

​FREE 24 BEERS PER PERSON, transferrable between guests.

If you believe all of your group will be drinking more than that, please let us know so we can stock up at an extra charge. We also provide free juices, soft drinks, water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cappuccino - available anytime onboard.

Our Package Does NOT include  

- Any Flight Tickets.

​- Hotel in Padang if an overnight stay is necessary (not usually the case). There are a few options of hotels located 5 to 10 min the harbour costing between 30 and 100 usd/ night/ room for 2 guests. We are happy to assist with making a booking.

​- Mentawai Government Surf Tax - 1 million rupiahs (around 75 USD)  In cash or on booking together with the boat payment. (The Mentawai Government may alter this fee at any time with no prior notice). For more info please check out this Surfline article :

​- Professional Photography and Videography packages.

​- Wine and spirits are available at an additional cost upon request at the time you pay for your trip.

​- Tipping the crew is not mandatory but very appreciated. All members of our staff are super nice and humble, always ready to help. To see their smile when getting a tip or a gift is a beautiful thing. All cash tips are distributed evenly among them.

Photography and Videography  

We have a rotating team of Photographers & Video makers that will be coming onboard for each trip. They are all very experienced and use top notch equipment.

​We recommend you get the image package - these moments are too dear not to be kept elsewhere than a fickle human memory. You will be provided with all photos and videos of you surfing plus all scenic, empties, group and lifestyle pics taken in the course of the trip. You can have it uploaded directly to your laptop or hard drive.

​The full all inclusive package usually costs 200USD/person.

Packages are optional and are to be payed in cash (USD or IDR) by the end of the trip.